Weekly Crushing Stats

2021 Season Week 18

In the eighteenth week of the 2021 season Macknade has crushed 44,000 tonnes for the week and is on track for a 65,000 tonnes for the week at a CCS of 12.9. Macknade mill undertook the planned maintenance day during the week. Victoria mill has only crushed 85,000 for the week at a CCS of 13.1 and is looking at a 107,000 tonnes for the week. The district has crushed 2,785,000 tonnes for the year at 12.7CCS

As you may now be aware the mill has sustained a major break down to B1 Mill at Victoria mill when the trash bar nose plate fell off. This required the stripping, repair and reassembly of the mill which will take up to 3 to 4 days around the clock. The mill has advised that they are well advanced with repairs with the strip completed ahead of the planned schedule and the weld out of the trash bar commenced.  As it is the number 1 Mill there is no option to bypass the mill so full repair was required.

The mill made the call to continue with the planned maintenance day at Macknade to ensure preventative tasks were completed to prevent a break down.

2021 Season Week 17

In the seventeenth week of the 2021 season Victoria mill is looking at crushing 110,000 tonnes for the week and as of this morning has crushed 69,000 tonnes at a CCS of 12.86. Macknade mill is on track to crush 70,000 tonnes this week crushing 49,000 tonnes at a CCS of 13.02 as of Friday morning.

The mill has reported that it has been a difficult week with a major break down on B 4 Cane Carrier gearbox. This resulted in over two days stop on B Side and impacting planned maintenance on A side mills. The mill managed to find some parts in Melbourne and had them air freighted to site, although this process took over 24 hours to get parts to site from Melbourne. Repairs have now been made and the mill started crushing again this morning. The mill has now installed a new gearbox and are working through failure mode investigations.

The mill has reported that they  struggle to load more than 30,700 tonnes each day resulting in cane supply short falls in the morning. The mill reports that this is a combination of a lot of inputs and variables with the main driver being the bin carrying capacity. The mill has advised they are endeavouring to work through this problem for this year and next season.

2021 Season Week 16

We are into our sixteenth week and as of Friday morning Macknade mill has crushed 54,000 tonnes at a CCS of 12.2. The mill planned a stop for 4 hours at 10 am this morning to change shredder tips and the expected tonnes crushed for Macknade this week will be around 70,000. Victoria mill has crushed 87,000 tonnes of cane as of this morning at a CCS of 12.98 and expects to crush around 130,000 for the week.

The mill has reported that the repairs to boiler 11 super heater tube were completed Wednesday morning and the boiler was brought back on line after the planned maintenance stop. The mill advised that the boiler being off line restricted the crushing rate to around 850 tph for the three days taken to cool down boiler, investigate issue and repair. Next week Victoria mill will have a planned maintenance stop on Thursday for 12 hours to carry out a chemical clean and normal milling and feeding station maintenance.

As of Friday morning Herbert River mills have crushed a total of 2.412 Mt which is approximately 62% of the updated crop estimate.

2021 Season Week 15
We are now into the fifteenth week and Victoria Mill has crushed 97,000 tonnes up until Friday morning at a CCS of 12.91 and looking at a 137,000 week. They had a maintenance day on Thursday that required duel train stops for a few hours to repair some leaks in injection water. Macknade Mill has crushed 43,000 tonnes for the week at a CCS of 12.60 looking like a 63,000 week. Macknade Mill had an extended maintenance day of 16 hours to repair a leaking front wall header on the boiler. This repair went to schedule and the mill reported it had a very good chemical clean. Mill also reported that rates after the stop have been very good with improved bin weights and cane quality. The mill reported that the Herbert River crop continues to crush under budget and was again revised down from 3.97mt  to 3.89mt.

2021 Season Week 14
Into the fourteenth week of the 2021 season and as of this morning Macknade mill has crushed 47,000 tonnes of cane at 12.49 CCS and Victoria mill has crushed 87,000 tonnes of cane at 12.70 CCS. The mill expects to crush 195,000 tonnes for the week. The mill reported they had some frustrating stops during the week with Victoria mill breaking a link on the intercarrier chain, this took some time to repair with difficulties removing pins and fabricating new link. This eventuated in a 8 hour stop. Also Macknade suffered a blackout when power supply to the factory was interrupted and the mills internal protection gear failed to disconnect to the grid causing black out which was also a 8 hour stop. The Herbert River district has now crushed over 50% of crop mark during the week. The mill has planned a 16 hour maintenance day on Tuesday at Macknade to repair a leak in a boiler steam line and chemical clean and the Victoria mill will have its normal 12 hour stop on Thursday.

2021 Season Week 13
In the thirteenth week of the 2021 season Victoria Mill restarted on Sunday after the wet weather last week and has crushed 94,000 tonnes at a CCS of 13.03 as of this morning. Macknade Mill restarted on Monday afternoon, and has crushed 35,000 tonnes as of this morning. The mills are looking at 190,000 tonnes this week.

The mill has rerun their budget profile after the last rain event and the forecasted crush finish date as coming out around the 24th November and with the budget still having some wet weather allocation built in. The mill utilised the down time to carry cleans and repairs. The mill reported that they found some good mechanical finds in both factories which have now been repaired.

Next week the mill will require two stops at Victoria mill to get the shredder tip change back into cycle. The mill is planning to stop A side for 4 hours on Monday to carry out shredder tip change and 12 hours on Wednesday for B Side for normal maintenance and chemical cleans.

2021 Season Week 12
In the twelfth week of the 2021 season the district was heavily affected by weather which included rainfall from 20mm up to 100mm at the base of the Cardwell Range. Victoria Mill has crushed 36,000 tonnes so far this week since this morning at a CCS of 13.1. And Macknade mill has crushed 17,896 tonnes so far this week with a CCS of 12.2. As you maybe aware Victoria mill stopped crushing last Tuesday afternoon and Macknade stopped Tuesday night. The mill is expecting around 8,000 tonnes today with 26 harvesters wanting to have a go today and is expecting around 13,00 tonnes tomorrow . The mill advised that they will make a call to possibly start the Macknade mill on Sunday afternoon.

The mill has used the downtime to carry out maintenance on Victoria and Macknade mills which means there will be no planned stops for next week.

2021 Season Week 11

In the eleventh week Macknade Mill had a wet start to the week shutting down Sunday and starting Monday afternoon. Wilmar utilised wet weather down time to undertake chemical cleans and maintenance. There was a power blackout that caused a 12 hour stop while the mill organised boilers station and factory restarted. Macknade mill has crushed 30,000 tonnes for the week. Weather dependant Macknade is looking at around 50,000 tonnes for the week.

Victoria Mill has crushed 81,000 tonnes for the week so far, wet weather also impacted the start of the week. Wilmar undertook the chemical clean and maintenance over the weekend to minimise downtime during the week. Victoria mill is looking at around 120,000 tonnes for the week.

2021 Season Week 10

In the tenth week of the season Victoria mill has crushed 78,000 tonnes up to 8am this morning at a CCS of 12.8. Macknade mill has crushed 49,800 tonnes to 8am this morning with a CCS of 12.9

The mill reported that wet weather reduced loading during the first few days of the week and gave Victoria mill the opportunity to bring forward maintenance day. The Mill also reported that it is struggling to get more than 30,500 loaded each day as a function of the number of bins in the fleet. They advised they are working on projects to have some bins turned around and used twice per day with an aim to increase loading. This is putting pressure on bin delivery to harvesting sector.

Wilmar have some Chinese bins at Plane Creek mill that they are shipping to the Herbert to assist. 

Wilmar also advised that work has started on the new bin fleet which will be ready for next season.

2021 Season Week 9

Into the ninth week and Victoria Mill crushed 123,000 tonnes for the week at CCS of 12.90 with a total of 840,000 tonnes for the year. Macknade Mill crushed 60,000 tonnes for the week at a CCS of 13.01, with a total of 408,000 tonnes for the year.
Wet weather again interrupted crushing and both sites undertook maintenance and chemical cleans of evaporators. Victoria Mill used the down time to make some repairs to the coupling on the mill roller and repair some steam leaks.

2021 Season Week 8

Into the eighth week and Victoria Mill has crushed 88,000 tonnes since this morning at a CCS of 12.86, with an expected crush of around 132,000 tonnes for the week. Victoria had a maintenance day on Wednesday and had some issues on restart that delayed crush for a number of hours.

Macknade mill has crushed 50,000 tonnes as at 8am Friday morning with an average CCS of 13.01 with expected crush for the week of around 70,000. The mill has reported that they are still struggling to get full loading with the mills performing well and the mill running out of cane. The factory is working with cane rail staff to try and increase daily loading.

As you may be aware the crop has been reforecast this week with the new estimate at 3.997M tonnes which has the district finishing crush around the 16th November. The budget has 11 hours of wet weather built in each week until the end of the season.

The mill has reported that there have been a number of rakes of cane that had very low bin weights with some rakes as low as 3.7 tonne average and that there have been a few rakes of cane that have caused processing difficulties. In general cane quality is improving.

2021 Season Week 7

We are into the seventh week of the 2021 Season with the Herbert River mills crushing 128,000 tonnes so far this week with Victoria mill crushing 95,000 tonnes for the week since this morning at a CCS of 12.53. Vic mill is looking at approximately 138,000 for the week and Macknade Mill has crushed 43,000 tonnes for the week since this morning at a CCS of 12.65. Macknade is looking at around 65,000 tonnes for the week. Macknade and Victoria mills had a 12 hour maintenance day to chemical clean evaporators and carry out normal routine maintenance. The mill reported that Macknade mill is still relying on the transfer of cane to the mill area although this is reducing as the field conditions improve throughout the district. Last Monday Victoria mill had a failed bearing on a cane carrying conveyor which took longer to address than expected and caused around 10 hours lost time on A side.

2021 Season Week 6

Into the sixth week of the 2021 Crushing season as more harvesting is coming on line in the northern parts of Herbert River. The mill has reported that they have nearly sorted the traffic schedule back on track and on the correct cycle bringing zero hours back to around 9am with daily loading close to 32,000 tonnes. This will assist with timely bin delivery to the harvesting sector and address the late bin deliveries across the district.

So far this week Macknade has crushed 48,000 tonnes for the week and is looking at approximately 68,000 tonnes for the week with a CCS of 12.30. Victoria mills has crushed 85,000 tonnes for the week as of Friday morning and looking at around 125,000 tonnes for the week at a mill average of 12.5 CCS.

The mill has reported that both sites have had several cane supply stops during the week with difficulties transferring cane to Macknade mill which has stretched the loco schedule. The mill has also reported they are receiving drags each day and some harvesting groups have nominated for reduced quota due to field conditions. The mill admits that late bin delivery has also contributed to some of these drags.

The mill will undertake their normal scheduled maintenance day for chemical clean and maintenance on Tuesday for Victoria mill A side and Thursday for Macknade mill.

2021 Season Week 5

Into the fifth week of the 2021 season and the loading has begun to improve with around 28,000 tonnes for today. The mill has reported that all three milling trains in district are going, although still running out of supply on one train each day. The mill has reported that with other areas across the district now starting to come on line, this should assist with bin delivery as transfer to Macknade reduces.       

In regards to mill maintenance, Victoria mill undertook chemical cleans and maintenance this week while on single train for cane supply, this will mean the mill will not need a planned stop next week. And maintenance has been carried out throughout the week at Macknade mill during cane supply short falls.

Macknade mill week to date has crushed 30,000 tonnes for the week up until Friday morning with a CCS if 12.32 and Victoria mill has crushed 65,000 tonnes as of Friday morning with a CCS 12.15.

The mill has reported that mud loading has been high as expected during the week, but the quality of cane has generally been ok.

2021 Season Week 4

Into the fourth week of the 2021 season and it was another challenging week due to more wet conditions. The Macknade mill started Saturday night and then had to stop again Thursday morning for rain. The mill reported that its plan if weather dries up is to start Macknade as the second milling train to  help with managing bagasse and also help process the stored sugar products from stop. Victoria Mill started up from a stop on Tuesday morning on single train and has managed to keep enough supply to keep going. The mill reported that on Saturday morning it will run out of cane with only 6,000 tonnes cut Friday.

This week Victoria mill crushed 30,104 tonnes for the week up until Friday morning at a CCS of 12.3 and expect only 45,000 tonnes for the week. Macknade mill has crushed 31,640 tonnes for the week and is not expecting to start up in this week, weather depending. CCS for Macknade was 12.4.

The mill has reported that transporting of cane has been challenging as most of the supply coming from only one area and been transferred to Macknade.

2021 Season Week 3

Into the third week of 2021 season and it has been an interrupted week with more heavy rain over night around the district. There was some early morning cane cut this morning but the mill made the call to stop all harvesters as only a small amount of cane was expected. Victoria Mill stopped crushing at 6.45am this morning and will liquidate and shut down. Boilers are expected to be off line by 2pm today. The mill has reported that they now need to manage bagasse stocks and will review the possibility of a restart over the weekend but at this stage is unlikely until next week.

In regards to maintenance, the mill has reported that both sets of evaporators have been cleaned and all maintenance activities completed. They will use the total steam off the stop to perform repairs to steam and product leaks. The mill advised that they have now settled down issues with the locos and factory commissioning.

As of Friday the mill had crushed 61,000 tonnes at Victoria mill with a CCS of 11.64 and 25,135 tonnes at Macknade with a CCS of 11.45. The mill also reported that there has been some very poor rakes of cane processed this week causing chokes in the shredder. An example of this included one particular rake that went 6 CCS and was full of weeds and vines.

2021 Season Week 2

Into the second week of the 2021 season Victoria Mill started Friday and only required single train over the weekend with around 9,000 tonnes cut. The Mill reported a good start with only minor commissioning issues. 
Cane supply improved on Monday with more harvesters starting. Macknade started on Monday and has settled into first week of crush. All mills have now been commissioned and producing good sugar. Main issues for the week were cane supply short falls due to majority of cane being transferred from south.
VRA also started up second milling train and it also had a good start, the site have used second train to balance zero hours.
By Thursday Wilmar had all three trains on line and we managed 28,000 tonnes with 10am zero hours. Although a large derailment on main line to Macknade impacted supply on Thursday.
Some break downs in locomotives has impacted bin delivery and impacted loading. The mill team have worked around the clock to work their way through problems. 
By Friday Wilmar had enough loco’s in service to transport expected loading. 
CCS for the week is encouraging with average for week of 11.92
The mill reported that cane quality has generally been good, however there have been a few very poor rakes full of vines that caused processing issues.

2021 Season WEEK 1

The season has started with Victoria Mill kicking off at 8.17am this morning, after a few minor commissioning issues the factory settled into crushing. The mill reported as of this afternoon they are working through the clarification mud filters and evaporators as they commission with juice. The mill expects to have sugar tomorrow morning.

Today the district harvested approximately 7,000 tonnes and 1,000 tonnes yesterday. If the mill has a reasonable run they will run out of cane early tomorrow. The mill expects around 9,500 tonnes to be cut tomorrow.

Macknade mill has crews ready over the weekend should cane supply improve, looking at a possible Monday start.

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